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A vacation is a terrible thing to waste...

That's why you need me as your

"personal travel planner!"

Do you love to travel?

I bet you do, and that's why
you're here.

Thanks for stopping by...

Are you confused with so many
online travel options?

Do you often say to yourself,

 "Gee this would be so much easier if I could
get just a little bit of help before
pushing that go button?"

Do you remember when you could
pick up the phone and talk to a real
person without having to push
1, 2, 3 or 4 followed by # or *?

Not to worry - help is on the way.

We all suffer through the same frustrations today, no matter what your age. Of course, the kids of today, and I mean anyone under 50, are more in tuned with automation as it is, and don't mind pushing a few buttons to get to where they want to go.

But us "old folks" - myself included - remember "the good old days" when a friendly voice on the other end of a phone gave us hope that our questions would be answered without being on "hold" for 10 minutes or more. Remember party lines???!!!

Well, I'm here to say, you can still get some "old fashioned" service and talk to a real person for answers to your travel questions. I've been a "matchmaker" for close to 41 years, matching folks with destination dreams from the Atlantic to the Pacific and around the globe.

If you need a quick answer for some place you're thinking about, give me a call at 931-484-8228 or email me, Elaine Johnston, and I'll try to help. When you're ready to make a commitment, we'll sit down together or discuss your plans on the phone, map them out, and come to a decision that's best for you. It's that simple.

If you've done some research online, don't be afraid to tell me. It makes my job easier in giving you the right information instead of playing guessing games. If you tell me what you've done, and what prices you have come up with someplace else, I can do a price-match search and compare apples to apples. This way, I find exactly what you want, and you get the comfort of knowing that I'll take care of all the details for you. No worry on your part. It doesn't get any better than that!

Don't you know, a vacation is a terrible thing to waste...

Your vacation is too important to entrust to an unqualified order taker. Anyone who is familiar with cruise lines, resorts and tours knows that "one size does not fit all". Over the years, I have traveled extensively and have become expert in the products I sell. I take pride in matching my clients with the right cruise or land tour. If you have questions about travel, talk to someone who has the answers of experience...

I strive for the best to make sure you get the best!

Now that you know how I work for you, why not let me be your "personal travel planner" by using my expertise and reliability in

"Making All Your Travel Dreams Come True"!


 Call me today at 931-484-8228



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Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you...just fill in the blanks and we'll get back to you ASAP! In the meantime - have a great day wherever you are...



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 Elaine Johnston
Accredited Cruise Counselor


 Princess Commodore

 Alaska Expert  

Monograms Specialist

 Avalon Waterways Specialist

Holland America 5 Star Agent


hawaii destination specialist

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."--  Mark Twain


OK, so you have lots of time and want to try it on your own.......Great!

Time is money, and time is in very short supply these days. In addition to saving you money and helping you plan a better vacation, one you will enjoy more than trying to do it on your own, I'll save you time by culling through numerous options, evaluating vendors and than making recommendations to fit your travel dreams.

That being said, I know from experience there are those of you out there in "Cyberspace" who still want to try it on their own - no matter what. You know who you're sitting there right now saying, "I'm here, let's see what I come up with that will appeal to me, my spouse, the kids and/or the grandkids." I say, go for it. But please, please, please, let me help just a bit by pointing you in the right direction to vendors and suppliers I have worked with in the past  - some for 41 years - that I know will do a good job for you and stand by their word. If you use one of our suggested vendors and find you need help later down the line, I can jump right in.

So give it a try.......check out the sites below and start traveling! If you run into a problem, you know where to find me. If it's during the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Time call me at 931-484-8228  . If it's in the middle of the night, it's safer to email me at   I'll get back to you the very next day.

 People we like working with to
"make your travel dreams come true!"



Sandals Resorts Love is all you need!


Sandals Resorts Pool and beach
Royal Plantation Ocho Rios Jamaica

If romance is in the air, than "Love is all you need!" as they say at Sandals - the Ultra all-inclusive resorts scattered throughout the Caribbean, where you can renew your body, mind & spirit in your own private paradise. Dine royally at over 50 theme restaurants from around the world. Enjoy world-class golf on emerald courses, with no green fees! Your own private butler in choice suites. Scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing and so much more...let's not forget the Red Lane Spas to help you get healthy skin and a lasting tan. Sandals is for couples only where you can keep the romance alive!

Royal Plantation, the Caribbean's most exclusive boutique resort, is owned by Sandals. Built in the glamorous 1950’s, during a time characterized by extraordinary old-world luxury, this serene sanctuary still maintains a stellar reputation as one of Jamaica’s most exquisite resort-inns. Royal Plantation sits on a bluff soaring 25 feet above the shimmering Caribbean, granting each and every one of its 74 sumptuous suites heart-stopping views of the ocean. Bask blissfully on their spectacular twin beaches—glorious golden-sand coves where you can spend countless hours soaking in the sunshine and sipping on "mangosas," delivered ice-cold and sparkling to your hands by unobtrusive beach butlers. Welcome to Royal Plantation......

Beaches Logo


Sesame Street Characters

Kids get a vacation of their own......and so do parents. Beaches gives kids their own kind of fun, from awesome water parks in the Caribbean to the Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street featuring Elmo & Friends. They even include unlimited play at the XBOX®Game Oasis centers. And since the folks at Beaches know kids of different ages have different interests, they include four unique supervised programs with everything from shell hunts to teen karaoke. In Jamaica, golf is included for the kids - the only all-inclusive to do so - while in Turks & Caiacos, they include one of the world's best kid dive programs. Best of all, while the kids are off having so much fun, parents and grandparents get plenty of fun of their own.

Beaches Family Resorts by Sandals, has been voted "World's Best Family All-Inclusive Resorts."

The Best is Yet to Come!

Globus Family Brands Arch de Triumph

In 1928, Antonio Mantegazza bought a rowboat to transport commercial goods across Lake Lugano in Switzerland. Who could know that rowboat would launch the world's leading escorted travel company?

If you're looking for a richer travel experience, look no further than Globus. They have been the worldwide leader in escorted travel for more than 80 years and know what it takes to create an enlightening and memorable vacation. In a nutshell, it's more. Only Globus offers you more vacations to choose from, more travel styles, more included features and more quality hotels.

Today, the Globus family of brands is marketed and operated by a network of more than 32 independent tourism and aviation businesses, serviced by a group of more than 5,000 professionals worldwide. Combined, Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways carry over 500,000 passengers a year, making the organization the leading operator of guided vacations worldwide. Globus attributes its success to the ideals of founder Antonio Mantegazza. For three generations, his vision, hard work, love for travel, and commitment have guided the company. These values are the cornerstone on which Globus was built and will continue to grow...

Cosmos Logo Bay Bridge San Francisco

You know how it is. You've got the travel bug - and you want to start packing your suitcase now! With Cosmos, you don't have to wait. That's because their famous low prices - with nearly everything you need in a vacation already included - let you travel on the trip of your dreams for much less than you thought.

For more than four decades Cosmos has offered savvy, value-minded travelers the most affordable travel packages to the world's most fascinating places - places like the snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, North America's breathtaking national parks, the volcanic wonders of Hawaii, and America's historical East Coast.

For as little as $101 per day, you can enjoy the benefits of escorted travel, a greater choice of activities, plenty of free time to explore your destination the way you want, and longer stays in key cities so that you can truly immerse yourself in the local culture. By simply cutting back on those Venti Lattes, dining out a few less times each week, passing on some mediocre movie releases, and trimming the impulse shopping outings, you could be on your way to the vacation experience of a lifetime. So...start packing and let Cosmos turn your travel dreams into reality today...

Monograms Logo Couple on Hawaiian Beach

Monograms offer a new way to travel independently. They believe in the purity of travel that broadens the mind and enriches the soul. They believe that travel should be a break from the daily grind, the daily routine, the daily juggling act. That’s why they take care of everything for you—reservations, transportation, all of the particulars. So you are free to thoroughly enjoy each and every day away from the everyday. Whether its garden hopping in England, people-watching in Bangkok, or sunbathing in California, Local Hosts or Service On Call is right there to help you navigate the area and create your own perfect travel experience. Monograms is travel in its purest form. Let us take care of the details so you can have all the fun...

Avalon Waterways Logo Avalon Waterways Artistry

Every journey tells a story..

Escape from everyday life and take the journey of your dreams. Whichever voyage you choose, a Globus Avalon Waterways cruise vacation tells the stories that create unforgettable memories. As your modern ship sails through each destination, you realize you are embarking on a new and fascinating chapter in the story of your life.

Not everyone wants their story to unfold the same way. Select  a destination, then let Globus Avalon Waterways bring your cruise vacation to life. Whether you cruise the historic rivers of Europe, the legendary Nile, exotic Yangtze, or the unforgettable Galapágos Islands, Globus Avalon Waterways are designed to allow you to travel in unparalleled comfort and style while you discover the destination of your choice. From cruise destinations to the wide variety of itineraries, you won't find a better selection.

While offering the newest river cruise ships on the European waterways, they don't stop there. More than 80 years of experience designing itineraries and shore excursions also makes them the best on land.

Globus Avalon Waterways offer more included features than anyone no additional cost to you - and they spend more time telling you the stories behind each destination. They even bring local entertainers on board to give you a full appreciation for the region and its culture. You don't just cruise past Germany's Riesling vineyards, you also stop to sample the don't just snap pictures of Holland's vibrant flowers, you also tiptoe through the tulips at the famed Keukenhof Gardens - added features we know you'll appreciate.

Medieval castles, riverbank vineyards, colorful wildlife, ancient wonders - you'll have time to see the very best that each location has to offer...without having to pack and unpack at every stop!

Let us help you plan a most unforgettable trip of a lifetime! We're only a phone call or email away. 931-484-8228 or 

Faith BAsed Travel Apostle St. Paul How would you describe your last travel experience? Now you can have all of this and fun - on a Globus Religious Vacation.

Traveling as an individual or part of a larger group is always life changing. Just think of the possibilities when traveling with your church or religious organization. Fellowship, outreach, and building a stronger community will be the results of making your spiritual journey. As congregating has always been a part of the Christian faith and practice, travel continues this great tradition and fosters personal faith.

Travel has long been a part of the history and traditions of the Christian life. During biblical times, travel was necessary in order to communicate the Word of God and grow the religious community. Remember Abraham's journey and the travels of the Israelites? Throughout history, travel was a way God led his people from where they were to a place of blessing.

For the Christian, sacred sites and destinations remain as integral to faith as ever. Although the means of transportation have changed, the reason for taking a religious journey remains much the same.

Religious travel offers extraordinary benefits including spiritual enlightenment. A wonderful way to vacation, you'll see firsthand how culture, history, and the heritage of your faith interact in life today - and you may even discover that it supports other ministries you may be involved with, growing your faith in a personal, enriching way.

When you plan your next vacation, make it a life-changing one with Globus Religious Travel.  For more information or to book a trip - whether individually or for your church/group - contact Elaine Johnston, 931-484-8228 or

"Tourism will thus help to build solidarity among all people and enable civilizations to meet. It will contribute to understanding among individuals and nations, and it will play its part in building a peaceful future" -
Pope John Paul 11

New York City Vacation Packages Booking Engine

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

New York City! It's my home....and I love it when folks call me to book travel to New York, New York!!!

If you rather do it on your own, though, be my guest by clicking on the NYCtrip Quote button above. It's easy, and of course, I'm always here to answer any questions you may have.

NYCVP is the quickest and easiest way to book a New York City Vacation experience! They have:

  • Exciting Travel Packages
  • Centrally Located Hotels
  • Hard-to-get tickets to Broadway Shows and Special Events
  • Pre- and Post-Cruise Vacations
  • A Huge Selection of Sightseeing Options
  • Advance Tickets to Museums and Attractions
  • Dining Reservations at World Class Restaurants
  • 24-Hour Emergency are never alone when you travel with NYCVP. In an emergency you can rest assured that help from an NYCVP Manager is only a phone call away!

I Love Them! I love them almost as much as I Love New York...and you will too! I use them for my groups all the time...Girlfriend Getaways, Family Reunions, Theater Groups, Friends and Neighbors, and Pre - and Post Cruise Packages. You can't beat them!

That's it for have more than enough to play with if you would like to book your own travel arrangements. If you click through to any or all of our above suggestions, you could be at it for hours on end. You may like it so much, you might want to be your own travel agent! Well, I've got the solution to that too... It's called: "How To Succeed As A Home-Based Travel Agent" It is by far the best home study course I have seen in my 38 years in the travel industry. Take a look see for yourself. What the heck - it doesn't cost anything to look, and if you decide to buy, the price is right!

Needless to say, the above mentioned "preferred suppliers" are only a tip of the iceburg. We have many, many more options to offer you such as the Tauck Collection of Worldwide Cruises and Journeys, Trafalgar Tours, General Tours World Traveler, Rocky Mountaineer, Viking River Cruises, and Collette Vacations to name a few. But let's be honest, if you've read everything to this point, your eyeballs are about to give out. You don't need've got the idea - that's what counts.

OOPS!  Almost forgot to tell you. In addition to our above preferred tour companies, we have a list of preferred cruise companies - there again, too many to mention.  We represent and sell them all. Big and small. In the months to come, we'll be highlighting our favorites and telling you why they are our favorites. In the meantime, if you're thinking about taking a cruise, please contact me at 931-484-8228 or

Thanks so much for your time....have a fun day!


P. S. We are never too busy for your referrals!


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Sandals Love Is All You Need

 Renewal of Vows

Whether your marriage is fresh
in your mind or is an ageless
passion that has stood
the test of time,
Sandals makes it easy for
you to do it all over again.


Cruising? Tired of being herded around like sheep on shore excursions sold by cruise lines? Experience ShoreTrips for a more intimate introduction to cruise ship attractions. Shoretrips


Island Passport

The Leader for
 Visas and Passports


What some folks say
about us!

"Thank you for helping us plan the perfect vacation. I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed it. We're talking about next year now!
Thank you too for the wine. It was such a surprise and complimented our dinner. Of course, we toasted our new friends with gratitude."
- Laura & David,
Crossville, TN

Culinary Maroon Swirl

Dear Elaine,

"Thank you for all your help organizing our trip. Your communications and helpful hints leading up to departure were greatly appreciated. Your knowledge of the places we visited along with your spontaneous suggestions made our trip worthwhile. Keep us posted on future trips. Look forward to joining you in the near future."

- Jerry & Judi Smith,
Fairfield Glade, TN